# Security Headers

# /!\ HTTP POST Requests needs two carriage return at the end to be valid !

NIP IO / SSRF Redirections

# Redirections / Bypass filters for SSRF
# <anything>.<IP>.nip.io will redirect to the <IP> you specify  will resolve to

Spring Boot

# Spring Boot / Metrics
/metrics → Endpoint showing tons of endpoints
/heapdump → Get a memory dump of the application
Exploit → jhat -port 7401 -J-Xmx4G heapdump2016-12-27-13-54-live2196484565712626494.hprof

VERB tampering

# Test for others HTTP methods (verb tampering)
# Bypass .htaccess
curl -X COUCOU <target>

Install files

# Install files
# You can check for backup files using the following extensions
.backup, .bck, .old, .save, .bak, .sav, ~, .copy, .old, .orig, .tmp, .txt, .back, .bkp, .bac, .tar, .gz, .tar.gz, .zip, .rar

# Check headers
# They often give informations
curl -v <target>

Parameter override

# If some JSON objects are in the response but not in the request
# Try do add them in the request, you could override properties
{"id":"7"} => {"id":"7", "admin":false}
{"id":"7", "admin":true} => {"id":"7", "admin":true}

O365 Testing

# If facing OWA applications, you can check if the target is using O365 or on premise applications
# If the following is "Managed", the targets uses o365

Payload Transformations


# Transformation tool

# It helps finding processes made to an input, given then output
# Can be usefull for crafting