Searching Someone


# GREAT resources containing different graphs and processes
# to investigate based on what you have

Searching People

# Very good and accurate tool
# You can search by name, reverse phone or reverse address

# Good search engine, different kinds of data

# Kinda amazing resource
# Finding company related data about a person

# Dead people registry (EU)

# French search engine for dead people
# 118218 for France is very good
# Reverse dict

# You can use many online resources to search for people by name, phone number, etc..

RocketReach - Search for many informations about peoples (free plan, 3/month)

Ancestry - Search for genealogy
Filae - Search for genealogy, family, relationships...
Infobel - Search worldwide people (white pages, yellow pages etc, you can find relations by name)
MarketVisual - Map a company organization chart
Numberway - Way to find others resources to get phone numbers
Pipl - Search engines only for people
Spokeo - Search for people information (only in USA)
Usersearch - Search engine tool to find someone using pseudo/username
Webmii - Search engine that compiles information on one person

# Search by photo

# Search on communities and blogs (reddit...)

Naming Conventions

# When researching for someone from foreign country
# They might use different naming conventions

# Guide to understand that for various cultures