General Informations

# Performs OSINT scan on email/domain/ip_address/organization using OSINT-SPY.
# It can be used by Data Miners, Infosec Researchers, Penetration Testers and cyber crime
# investigator in order to find deep information about their target.

# Perform scan on IP Address / domain / email address / BTC(bitcoin) address / device
# Find out latest bitcoin block information
# List out all the ciphers supported by particular website and server
# Check whether a particular website is vulnerable to heartbleed or not ?
# Dump all the contacts and messages from skype database
# Analyze malware or malicous file remotely

# Don't use the linux_install.py script, trash. go venv

# API keys in modules/config.py file


# Options
--carrier --stego_text

# Get information about the cipher methods available in the SSL cert
python osint-spy.py --ssl_cipher google.com

# Check if a target is vulnerable to heartbleed (PASSIVE ?)
python osint-spy.py --ssl_bleed haax.fr

# Get overall information about one domain (whois, dns, ciphers, location, and more) (PASSIVE ???)
python osint-spy.py --domain domaine.fr

# Get information about one email (name, social network profiles etc...)
# Very basic
python osint-spy.py --email haax@haax.fr

# Get information about an IP address (basic infos)
# Host, country name, city, organization, ISP
python osint-spy.py --ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx


# Search for specific device on shodan
python osint-spy.py --device webcam

# It will find out all the contacts and message history from given skype database.
# In Windows,Skype database can be found in AppData\Roaming\Skype\(Your username)\main.db
# In Mac OSX , database can be found in /Users/(Your mac user anme)/Library/Support/Skype/(your skyoe username)/main.db
python osint-spy.py --skype_db main.db

# It will send a given piece of file to virustotal and will give you a result whether given file is malware or not.
python osint-spy.py --malware abc.exe

# Get information about the last bitcoint block chain
python osint-spy.py --btc_block

# Get information about bitcoin blockchain for a given date
python osint-spy.py --btc_date 20190420

# Get information about a particular wallet
python osint-spy.py --btc_address 1DST3gm6JthxhuoNKFqXrdpzPFfz1WgHpW


# Hide text inside an image
python osint-spy.py --carrier receiver.png --stego_text “this is a secret text”

# Try to find text behind an image
# python osint-spy.py --stego_find hidden.jpg