General Informations

# All in one information gathering tool
# Automated tool used to gather information on the following sources :
# - ask, bing, crt,, dns, dnsdumpster, dogpile, github
# - google, googleplus, instagram, linkedin, netcraft, pgp
# - reddit, reverse dns, twitter, vhosts, virustotal, whois,
# - yahoo, yandex, youtube

# 2 modes : Basic & Nongoogle
# - whois/dns/reverse DNS/bing virtual hosts
# - search in other engines

# API Keys needed : shodan, censys,


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GasMasK - All in one Information gathering tool - OSINT
Ver. 1.2
Written by: @maldevel, @mikismaos, @xvass

usage: [-h] [-d DOMAIN] [-s NAMESERVER] [-x PROXY] [-l LIMIT]
                  [-i MODE] [-o BASENAME] [-m MATCH] [-f FILTER] [--count]
                  [-R REPORT] [-B REPORT_BUCKET] [-1 CENSYS_API_ID]
                  [-2 CENSYS_API_SECRET] [-r] [-u] [-a ASN] [-c COUNTRY]
                  [-O CERT_ORG] [-I CERT_ISSUER] [-z CERT_HOST]
                  [-S HTTP_SERVER] [-t HTML_TITLE] [-b HTML_BODY] [-T TAGS]
                  [-L LIMIT] [-D] [-v] [-H]
                  [arguments [arguments ...]]

positional arguments:
  arguments             Censys query

optional arguments:
  -h --help,   show this help message and exit
  -d DOMAIN, --domain DOMAIN, Domain to search.
  -s NAMESERVER, --server NAMESERVER,  DNS server to use.
  -x PROXY, --proxy, PROXY Use a proxy server when retrieving results from search engines (eg. '-x')
  -l LIMIT, --limit, LIMIT  Limit the number of search engine results (default: 100).
  -i MODE, --info MODE  Limit information gathering (basic,whois,dns,revdns,vhosts,google,bing,yahoo,ask,dogpile,yandex,censys,linkedin,twitter,googleplus,youtube,reddit,github,instagram,crt,pgp,netcraft,virustotal,dnsdump).
  -o BASENAME, --output BASENAME,   Output in the four major formats at once (markdown, txt, xml and html).
  -k API-KEY, --shodan-key API-KEY API key to use with Shodan search (MODE="shodan")
  -m MATCH, --match MATCH, Highlight a string within an existing query result
  -f FILTER, --filter FILTER Filter the JSON keys to display for each result (use value 'help' for interesting fields)
  --count,  Print the count result and exit
  -R REPORT, --report REPORT, Stats on given field (use value 'help' for listing interesting fields)
  -B REPORT_BUCKET, --report_bucket REPORT_BUCKET,  Bucket length in report mode (default: 50)
  -1 CENSYS_API_ID, --censys_api_id CENSYS_API_ID,  Provide the authentication ID for the search engine
  -2 CENSYS_API_SECRET, --censys_api_secret CENSYS_API_SECRET, Provide the secret hash for the search engine
  -r, --read_api_keys, Read the API Keys stored in api_keys.txt file. (e.g. '-i censys -r')
  -u, --update_api_keys, Update the API Keys stored in api_keys.txt file. (e.g. '-i censys -u')
  -a ASN, --asn ASN, Filter with ASN (e.g 5408 for GR-NET AS)
  -c COUNTRY, --country COUNTRY, Filter with country
  -O CERT_ORG, --cert-org CERT_ORG, Certificate issued to organization
  -I CERT_ISSUER, --cert-issuer CERT_ISSUER,  Certificate issued by organization
  -z CERT_HOST, --cert-host CERT_HOST,  hostname Certificate is issued to
  -S HTTP_SERVER, --http-server HTTP_SERVER, Server header
  -t HTML_TITLE, --html-title HTML_TITLE, Filter on html page title
  -b HTML_BODY, --html-body HTML_BODY,  Filter on html body content
  -T TAGS, --tags TAGS,  Filter on specific tags. e.g: -T tag1,tag2,... (use keyword 'list' to list usual tags
  -L LIMIT, --Limit LIMIT, Limit to N results ( this is for )
  -D, --debug, Debug informations
  -v, --verbose, Print raw JSON records
  -H, --html,  Renders html elements in a browser

Usage example

# Specifiyng mode
python -d -i basic
python -d -i dnsdump
python -d -i shodan -k xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
python -d -i whois,dns,revdns
python -d -i basic,yahoo,github -o myresults/example_com_search_results

# example
python -i censys --Limit 10 nessus
python -i censys -I SAP --report --report_bucket 10
python -i censys --html-title "Hacked By" --Limit 10 --html
python -i censys --tags heartbleed --report
python -i censys -S NGINX --count
python -i censys -d
python -i censys -t "Internal Server Error" -S Apache -m "HTTP 500" --Limit 15