Getting informations using a phone number

# When you have a phone number, you can use some messaging websites/applications
# If the target is registered, it can provides additional informations

# /!\ Some applications might tell the target you've reached them /!\
Facebook Messenger
# Profile picture and details from Facebook bio
# If you add a contact on Apple it wil tell you if the target can use Facetime
# If so, you know the target is using an Apple Product
# Profile Picture, Nickname, Name, BIO & last seen.
# Will show when someone is on-line.
# Display, username, profile picture.
# It will provide the name as per the server not your contacts
# Also location information of where they say they are from along with a date of birth.
# User's profile photo, username and bio
# From the desktop app, you can see previous photos
# Profile picture and the name on Strava server not in your contacts.
# Will also show the location they are from if this field has been completed and Bio info.
# Profile picture, last seen, status and about me