# Username availability

Socialscan (

# Many tools used to check if an account exists comes with false positive

# 100% accuracy: Rather than scanning profile pages, socialscan queries the 
# registration servers of the platforms directly, retrieving the appropriate
# CSRF tokens, headers, and cookies. 
# This eliminates all false positives/negatives, ensuring that results are accurate.

# Speed: socialscan uses asyncio along with aiohttp to conduct all 
# queries concurrently, resulting in very quick searching even with bulk queries.

# Username : Instagram, Twitter, Github, Tumblr, Lastfm, Snapchat, Gitlab, Reddit, Yahoo 
# Email : Insagram, Twitter, Github, Tumblr, Lastfm, Pinterest, Spotify
./socialscan --help

# Only print usernames/emails that are available and not in use
./socialscan "username" --available-only

# Only view on Twitter
./socialscan "username" --platforms "Twitter"

# General use (all platforms)
./socialscan "username" "email"


# Find usernames across over 75 social networks.
# This is useful if you are running an investigation to determine the usage of 
# the same username on different social networks.
./ <username>


# Look for usernames on 140 sites

# Can have some false positives

# Classic query, all results will be stored in a "username123.txt" file
./sherlock username123

# Uses TOR network or even a new path for each request
# Increases running time and TOR need to be installed and in path
./sherlock username123 --tor
./sherlock username123 --tor-unique

# Check only on specified sites
./sherlock username123 --site site1,site2,sit3

Email-enum (

# Simple tool that will search for mainstream websites (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Google, Twitch)
# and thell you if the target e-mail is registered

# Usage