Custom Firefox Browser & Add-Ons
Custom Chrome Browser & Extensions
Tor Browser
Custom Video Manipulation Utilities
Custom Video Download Utility
Google Earth Pro
HTTrack Cloner
Knock Pages
Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit
Twitter Exporter
Yubico Utilities

Tools descriptions

# Firefox and some plugins
- Download Star
- ExifViewer
- Firefox multiaccount
- HTTPS Everywhere
- Image Search Options
- MJsonViewer
- Nimbus Screen Capture
- Resurrect Pages
- Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely
- uBlock Origin
- User-Agent Switcher
- Video DownloadHelper

# Google Chrome with other plugins

# TOR Browser

# Custom Video Manipulation Utilities

# Custom Video Download Utility

# Amass
→ DNS Enumeration
→ Network Mapping

# BleachBit
→ Clean your PC

# EmailHarvester
→ Collect emails using search engines

# Exiftool
→ Extract metadata from images

# EyeWitness
→ Take screenshots from website
→ Get HTTP headers
→ Identify some credentials
→ Basic tool semi passive

# Ghiro
→ Ghiro is a fully automated tool designed to run forensics analysis over a massive amount of images
→ Just using an user friendly and fancy web application. 

→ Image manipulation tool

# Google Earth Pro
→ Advanced Google Earth
→ Browse and create maps

# HTTrack Cloner
→ Copy website locally
→ It downloads website content and rebuild the file structure

# InstaLooter
→ API-less Instagram pictures and videos downloader

# KeePassXC
→ Keepass Cross Platform Community Edition

# Kleopatra
→ Kleopatra is a certificate manager and GUI for GnuPG

# Knock Pages
→ Subdomain bruteforce
→ Virustotal, wildcard, zone transfer
→ Using a wordlist

# LibreOffice
→ Known one

# LinkedInt
→ LinkedIn Intelligence
→ Find emails, companies etc

# Maltego# Metagoofil
→ Extracting metadata of public documents (pdf,doc,xls,ppt,etc) availables in the target websites

# MediaInfo
→ Complete tool used to get information about local files
→ Metada etc

# Metadata anonymisation Toolkit
→ Small tool used to anonymise file\'s metadata

# PhoneInfoga
→ Information gathering & OSINT reconnaissance tool for phone numbers
→ Scan phone numbers using only free resources
→ The goal is to first gather standard information such as country, area, carrier and line type on any international phone numbers
→ Then search for footprints on search engines to try to find the VoIP provider or identify the owner
→ Features
   ⇒ Check if phone number exists and is possible
   ⇒ Gather standard informations such as country, line type and carrier
   ⇒ OSINT footprinting using external APIs, Google Hacking, phone books & search engines
   ⇒ Check for reputation reports, social media, disposable numbers and more
   ⇒ Scan several numbers at once
   ⇒ Use custom formatting for more effective OSINT reconnaissance
   ⇒ Automatic footprinting on several custom formats

# Photon
→ Photon is a fast OSINT web crawler which can retrieve the following data for a target : 
→ URLs (in-scope & out-of-scope)
→ URLs with parameters (example.com/gallery.php?id=2)
→ Intel (emails, social media accounts, amazon buckets etc.)
→ Files (pdf, png, xml etc.)
→ Secret keys (auth/API keys & hashes)
→ JavaScript files & Endpoints present in them
→ Strings matching custom regex pattern
→ Subdomains & DNS related data

# ReconDog
→ Recon Dog is an all in one tool for all your basic information gathering needs.
→ It uses APIs to gather all the information so your identity is not exposed.
→ Simple and basic standalone python script
→ All informations seems to be extracted from API\'s services, so it fully passive

# Recon-NG
→ Complete Framework
→ Reconnaissance → Usage of open sources (passive)
→ Discovery → More active, packets sent to target

# SkipTracer
→ It uses some basic python webscraping to compile passive information on a target
→ Included modules will allow queries for the following :
   ⇒ Phone
   ⇒ Email
   ⇒ Screen names
   ⇒ Real names
   ⇒ Addresses
   ⇒ IP
   ⇒ Hostname
   ⇒ Breach Credentials

# SocialMapper

# Spiderfoot
→ Query over 100 OSINT sources (IP, domain names, email, names and more)
→ Select the target, pick modules and spiderfoot will collect and build links
→ You can identify data leaks, vulnerabilities or sensitive information
→ Windows and Linux

# StegoSuite
→ Free and open source steganography tool written in Java.
→ With Stegosuite you can easily hide information in image files.

# SubBrute
→ A DNS meta-query spider that enumerates DNS records, and subdomains.         
→ Subdomain bruteforce

# Sublist3r
→ Subdomain enumeration and BF
→ Great tool

# theHarvester
→ theHarvester is a famous OSINT and scrapping tool for passiv recon on targets
→ Using API keys will highly increase results

# Tinfoleak
→ The most complete open-source tool for Twitter intelligence analysis
→ UI tool

# Twint
→ An advanced Twitter scraping & OSINT tool written in Python that doesn\'t use Twitter\'s API
→ Allowing you to scrape a user\'s followers, following, Tweets and more while evading most API limitations. 
→ Not rate limitations
→ Creates dashboard

Twitter Exporter
→ ???

→ Known one, encryption

→ Known one, video

Yubico Utilities
→ tools for using yubikeys