General Informations

# Recon Dog is an all in one tool for all your basic information gathering needs.
# It uses APIs to gather all the information so your identity is not exposed.

# Simple and basic standalone python script

# All informations seems to be extracted from API's services, so it fully passive

Modules & Tools

• Censys: uses to collect a large amount of information about an IP address
• NS Lookup: Performs name server search
• Port scan: Scans the most common TCP ports
• Detect CMS: Can detect more than 400 content management systems
• Whois Lookup: Performs whois protocol search
• Detect honeypot: Uses Shodan to identify whether the target is a honeypot
• Find subdomains: Search for sub-domains using com
• Reverse IP Lookup: Does an inverse IP lookup to find domains associated with an IP address
• Detect technologies: Uses to detect over a thousand technologies
• All: According to experts in digital forensics, this utility executes all the previous utilities in the target