# Resources

# Searching info

# Downloader

# Tiktok Analytics
Profile Discovery
# Method 1 : You have usernames

# Method 2 : Involving Dorks
site:tiktok.com "username" OR "first and last name"

# Method 3 : Search for mentions on other social media
"username" OR "first and last name" "tiktok.com" -site:tiktok.com
Profile Picture
# Method 1
# Right click --> Inspect

# Method 2

# Method 3 (Firefox exclusive)
# Media panel by using Ctrl+I

# Want 1080 ones ? (@aware_online) 
1. Go to TikTok profile http://tiktok.com@{username}
2. Open dev tools (F12)
3. Click on "Network tab"
4. Refresh page (F5)
5. Select "XHR" tab
6. Double click on "api/user/detail/"
7. Open "AvatarLarger" link
8. Have fun!
Extracting video content
# Pretty much same methods as for pictures
# Just need the individual video page, then inspect

# Method 2 (Firefox exclusive)
# Media panel by using Ctrl+I
# Date and timestamp for each videos

# In the individual video link, get page sources and search for

# Convert
Reach analysis
# In tiktok video, feature called "reach" can allow to extract sound from a video and use it

# By clicking the link, you can find all videos using the same sound/music
Searching for target mentions on other profiles
# Looking for TikTok profiles mentionning target in the body but not in the title
site:tiktok.com intext:@username -intitle:"username" inurl:video

# TikTok allow to link to other social medias
# You can search for other mentions, or eventually modified usernames etc.
site:youtube.com OR site:instagram.com "username" OR "first and last name" "tiktok" "tik tok" OR intext:"tiktok.com/@username"